Chimerical Skirt

by Lucie Sanon, Diana Exilhomme & Julia Alexis

The Problem The issue we are addressing is of people not seeing very different aspects of technology and also we want to give them a different glow then everyone else.

Our Solution By working on this Fashion Technology project, we are showing people that technology isn’t just for programming robots and other things, but it can also be used to show different unique technical fashion. People who like fashion and technology are able to combine both in their lives. 

Technology & Modules Utilized 

  • Physical Programming – Physical programming will be needed to make the LEDs on the skirt light up using the motion sensor and also to make part of the skirt move.
  • Digital Fabrication – Digital fabrication will be used to make a box to hold the battery pack and to be attached to the skirt.
  • Graphic Design – insert desc. here

Materials Needed

  • Flora main board: $24.95
  • Flora Accelerometer and Compass module: $19.95
  • LED
  • Conductive thread
  • Skirt pattern
  • Fabric
  • Standard thread
  • Elastic
  • Embroidery marker
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Nail Polish
  • 3xAAA Battery Pack or 150m Ah LiPo battery: $1.95 or $6.95

The Audience / Consumer  – This product could be used by a female teenager going to a party. While she is walking and dancing her skirt will light up and everyone will think she looks amazing. They will wonder where she bought it from and how it works. She would be extremely happy to explain.

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 Update Journal

  • 07/08/2013 — Monday we did our research about our project and the different parts it includes. We found what things we can use and ways that we can build our skirt.
  • 07/10/2013 — Today we started and completed the IMAGINING step of our project.
  • 07/11/2013 — Today we worked on the EXPLORE step of the engineering design process.


    0710131852 0710131902  0711131332   0711131337


  • 07/18/2013 –Today we tried to make to make a prototype , by drawing and cutting the skirt and using the sewing machine to sew  the waist b but it went bad , so we traced another pattern skirt then we cut the skirt. We watched this video on youtube called ” how to make a circle skirt” , the lady in the video made her own pattern on a newspaper then she cut out the pattern then traced it on her skirt. The way she did it was very simple and easy , her materials were a zipper , measuring tape , scissors , fabric , thread and a sewing machine. We are now going enter into the sewing process .
  • 07/22/2013 –Today we read through a tutorial that we found on the Adafruit websites about how to make a light up skirt. We also made an example skirt made out of extra fabric. And it actually fit Lucie very well and she was very excited to try on the skirt.While she tried on the skirt , she twirled in it . This was the very first time that the skirt twirled successfully. We started on our prototype.
  • 07/23/13 –This afternoon we finished our prototype successfully by adding in the elastic band to the waist. We were proud and confident and we had faith that we will be able to accomplish our beautiful goal.
  • Prototype skirt


  • Problem being solved: The issue we are addressing is of people not seeing very different aspects of technology. With our project we are showing people that there are ways to combine fashion, art and technology together.
  • What we will build: We are making a skirt that will light up using LEDs, a motion sensor and where part of it will move using motors.
  • Who will use it: People who are interested in fashion will be using this project. Anyone female who wants to have a beautiful skirt will use it to go to a party or as a display for a gallery or also in runways.
  • How it will help: it will help people look different than everybody else and will show that combining technology and fashion aren’t as difficult or easy as it seems.
  • What are the 3 most important things it will do?
  • What are its most important parts or features?
  • What are the three technologies you imagine needing and how will you use each?


  • Question about project that need answering
  • What will be the size of the dress?
  • Are we going to use different colors of LED’S or the same color?
  • What type of technologies  will be used?
  • What materials will be needed?
  • How can we make the dress move?
  • What designs are we using for the dress?
  • How did we come up this project?
  • Who will use this project?
  • What age group will it target?
  • How can we program the materials to make them work as we want?

Three Internet sites with technical information

Every light has its purpose

It helps the LED light turn on.

5 Keywords to Google

  • Arduino/ programming arduino
  • LED Light dress
  • Flora motion sensor
  • Light up skirt
  • Dress pattern

Examples of products:


3 DIY projects

  1. CuteCircuit GalaxyDress at MSI
    We can use the motion of the light –

  1. EL wire light suit

  1. Skirt
    We can use the patterns to make a skirt. –


  • LED’s lights save future maintenance & cost
  • LEDs last up to 50,000 hours
  • Help people see other side of technology.


  • Some LEDs have very low power
  • Motors might be too weak to make it move.
  • Dress might be too heavy or uncomfortable.


  • How will it move?
  • What Fabric?
  • Who will be our mentor?





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