The Renewers

By: Adeola Adeniyi, Sonia Omwenga, Xavier Pizarro


A big problem in today’s generation is that not enough people are active about recycling. Pollution has become one of  the biggest global killers effecting over 100 million people in the world. The reason for pollution is because we tend to waste our natural resources and are polluting the earth by littering, ignoring the need to recycle and reuse, and doing harmful things like dumping toxic waste into the ocean. Each year that we go on living the earth is dying.

Issue Being Solved
With this video game we are making more people aware of pollution.By targeting a group of children at an early age, we hope to make an impact with this game by getting out information about what recycling can do for the world, and how ignoring it will only make it worse. Educating kids about recycling gives hope for the future of the world and can hopefully make an impact on what kids decide to do with their waste.

This is video game designed to teach children and spread awareness about recycling and renewable energy. The game consists of a few mini games that all help the player to learn a little bit more about a certain topic. We plan to load Scratch and the game files onto a raspberry pi. Then using the MaKey MaKey and arcade style buttons attached to it people will be able to play our game. We plan to laser cut Acrylic using the laser cutter in the fab lab and put together a mini arcade machine.

Materials Needed:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Acrylic
  • Scratch
  • LED or LCD display
  • MaKey MaKey
  • Alligator clips
  • USB Cables
  • Arcade Style buttons

The Prototype


Picture 1

When we first started this project we were going to build a board game around the same idea of recycling but, after some research and advice we came to realize that board games aren’t exactly a modern approach to what we’re trying to achieve. Therefore, we decided that if we want kids to benefit from our project we need a way to reel them into using it! And what better way than to create a video game? A lot of children nowadays play video games all the time. The fact that we started off with the board is heavily reflected on our first prototype that you see above.

Key Design Questions:

  • why do kids need to know about recycling?
  • what will people learn from this game?
  • how will children benefit from playing a game?
  • can older people like adults use this game?
  • how will this game spread awareness of alternative energy?
  • will this game attract kids?
  • why isn’t this a board game?
  • why would a child choose to play this game?
  • will this game be able to be used by many people?
  • what is your goal?
Current Products That Are Relevant:
This page is a game that teaches kids about separating recyclables.
This site teaches children about the 3 R’s in a number of different ways. 
This is a game called recycle city that involves learning a number of different skills.
Needed Technical Information:
Info we need: This gives us info about renewable energy sources that we could possibly use in our game as a way to teach children. This tells us about things like windmills and solar energy. 
This is a site which explains how renewable energy works. The better we understand this means the better that we can explain and develop a game. 
This website source gives us information about why renewable energy is important. This is something that we can incorporate into the game for the player to know.
DIY Projects:
  • ^Basic Scratch Game
Key Words To Google:
  • Recycling
  • Childrens Video Game
  • Popular Green Video Games
  • Renewable Energy

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