The Renewers

Problem we are solving: trying to address the problem of recycling
Project Description: A video game which is meant to be both educational and fun. This game teaches kids about recycling and renewable energies. We plan to encase the game in an arcade style case with attractive recycling related graphics that will attract attention.
What will you build: Video Game
Who will use it: Kids ages 8+
How will it help? Provides awareness of pollution and recycling in the world.
Most important things that it will do?  Provides awareness and educates kids.
Important features: helps young people and even older people to learn more about recycling.


  1. Educational
  2. Sends an awareness to kids about Recycling
  3. A fun way for kids to learn
  4. Accessible to everyone


  1. Kids may not understand the concept behind the game
  2. Kids will be entitled to stay home instead of going out
  3. Kids aren’t exactly known to find fun and educational to be on the same level of entertainment
  4. Kids with a shorter attention span may quickly become bored with a video game

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