The Renewers


Day 1: July 8, 2013
Today  we formed our group and decided on creating a video game about recycling. we want it to spread the word about alternative energy and get kids excited to reduce, reuse, and recycle. also we created a idea plan to present to the mentors that got approved.

Day 2: July 9, 2013
Today we decided to change our concept to a board game because kodu cannot be used on a mac too easily. we were going to run with that idea until Liban pointed out that no children play board games anymore. so we ended up going back to our original idea. we also came up with our very general and not very detailed story board. we received some good feed back today in the design review also.

Day 3: July 10, 2013
Today Sonia and Xavier worked on testing both kodu and gamemaker, to see which would be a better program to use. As a group we came to the conclusion that neither is going to work with the concept of our game. So instead we have decided to work with scratch. Scratch lets us design our own sprites and lets us use our own backgrounds.

Day 4: July 11, 2013
Today we discussed with Susan and she gave us the idea to make a mini arcade and use the fablab and raspberry pie to make that happen. Adeola is drawing the settings and Xavier is drawing the characters as a way of story boarding our prototype. Sonia will begin designing the first level of the game on scratch so that the prototype will be started.

Day 5: July 15, 2013
Today Sonia and Adeola worked on developing two of the levels. The levels are almost fully prototyped. This brings the total of prototyped levels to 3/5. Xavier worked on fixing all of the documenting and doing research. He researched things about what kind of games children like to play. He found that many very famous games involve violence; which meant that we would have to find another interesting concept. We decided to as of right now stick with what we have. but we are willing to change if needed. Sonia’s game is about sorting trash and recyclables. Adeola’s is about picking up the littering that people threw onto the ground. 

Day 6: July 16, 2013
Today the prototypes will be worked on some more. We have decided to change the idea of Sonia’s of a sorting game to a jeopardy game. It will test the players knowledge of what they have learned throughout the game. We are also discussing creating a platform game that is about recycling. Platform games are very popular with children and this would be a great way to convey a positive message in a fun way.  Xavier did research and found buttons that we could use in our arcade. we are sure that they work with both the raspberry pi and the makey makey. Adeola has been thinking through and taking a lot of time to program her level. She is completely developing it and giving it a detailed story line.

Day 7: July 17, 2013
Today Xavier completely programmed the falling debris game. Adeola worked on her scrolling game and getting it further along. Sonia finished the jeopardy game. We made our game work with the makey makey and  that is how we are going to show how the buttons will work when we are finished.

Day 8: July 18, 2013
Today we decided to completely eliminate the idea of a jeopardy game. Instead of that we are going to have a maze game that teaches about renewable energy. The maze game is similar to pac man. The character moves through and collects suns to make alternative energy. Also the design review went well. We got tons of feedback about our games so far and many people asked good questions. 

Day 9: July 22, 2013
Today Xavier worked on bettering his game by making the sprites into real characters. This contributes to making the game a lot more fun and realistic for children. Adeola worked on perfecting her game but adding timers and things of that nature. She has learned a lot more about scratch programming.

Day 10: July 23, 2013 
Today we are going to make the move into actually prototyping our physical arcade game and making a model of it in the fab lab. This is crucial because without the physical portion our project will just be regular scratch games. We are also researching new buttons to use in our arcade to bring us closer to having the physical portion completed. We have also drafted a logo that will be at the beginning of the game. 

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