The Renewers

Day 11: July 24, 2013
Our goals of the day are to make the characters for the game and maybe actually put them into the games. Also we want to start to do some press fitting. We are going to get help from James on that since he has tackled this problem in the past. Adeola has been working hard at perfecting her game also.

Day 12: July 30, 2013
Today Sonia and Xavier found the size that the holes need to be in order to press fit the arcade together. Adeola made a wonderful new logo and colored it in with Inkscape. Sonia also worked on designing a new quick fire game which gives kids knowledge by asking them a series of questions. this game has much more color and is a lot more fun to play than the original jeopardy game that was proposed. Xavier also worked on reprograming the scratch games so that they only require two buttons and a joystick. 

Day 13: July 31, 2013 

Today Sonia is still working on installing more questions into the quick fire game to perfect it. 

Day 14: August 6, 2013

Today Sonia Installed an original sprite into Adeola’s game which is now 100% finished. Adeola has also been updating the logo and making it more aesthetically pleasing. Xavier is working on combining all of the games in a very clean way that flows straight through. 

Day 15: August 12, 2013 

Today the character for the maze game got scanned and put into the game. Now all four games are finished. However, a ginormous mishap has come up. Xavier had the large Scratch file with all of the games at once on his laptop. But, his laptop fell and wont turn on. We hope every thing works out and we can retrieve the files. 

Day 16: August 13, 2013

Today Sonia and Xavier got help from Ming and Susan to get the raspberry pi working. Now the raspberry pi has all three of the games on it. All we were able to get without Xavier’s laptop because we only had 3/4 of the games separately made away from his computer.  Now we are just going to have the games separately be chosen by the player and not be in one big scratch file. 

the challenges of the raspberry pi

First we did not know ANYTHING about the Rasberry Pi, so we looked on the Adafruit Learning System Tutorial Raspberry Pi Lesson 1.  We finally got the SD configured after downloading the software.  Then we had to decide which “distro” to use.  We decided on Raspbian.  Then we needed to use “Wheezy” to write over the microcontroller on the Raspberry PI  (we think we have that right, but we may be mistaken).  

But that is just when the adventure of hunting through SETC to get the thing set up started.  First we had to find the HTMI to DVI adapter and an HTMI to HTMI cord to connect the monitor to the Raspberry PI.  Then we had to try many many things to get a sustainable power source for the Raspberry Pi.  We learned that it needs a steady 5V 1000ma power source and that other people have found powering their Raspberry Pis to be just as challenging.  We finally plugged the Pi into the ACER using micro USB cord.  Then we started to configure the Pi and got it to boot directly to the desktop when we turn it on.  Once we got the desktop, scratch was right there already installed.  

All of the scratch games now work on the Raspberry Pi!  Our screen came in, but it was only a 3.5″ and we need a 7″.  So we had to reorder and it will arrive tomorrow.

Sonia says “The internet has LOVELY tutorials, sometimes confusing, but LOVELY.” 

Susan says,  “What would we do without Ming and Tech Tent because we found all our Raspberry treasure pieces and parts in his many boxes and drawers.”

Xavier says “It gets the job done and it’s small and I like it because of that!!

Day 17: August 14, 2013

Today Xavier got the pieces for the side of the arcade cut but not the full arcade because the laser cutter started being weird. Also, Sonia tested the makey makey with the buttons and they work excellently. Things are looking very well for the future. 

Day 18: August 15, 2013

Today Xavier worked on getting another piece of the arcade cut out. Sonia hooked up all of the buttons to a makey makey and made sure that the makey makey actually works with the buttons.

Day 19: August 16, 2013

Today Sonia and Xavier are having a lot of trouble connecting the raspberry pi to the screen that we are using for the arcade. The screen is constantly reading ‘no signal’ even though the raspberry pi is connected to it. this is a big problem because without the screen then the entire arcade would be useless. Adeola refined and uploaded the final version of the logo. She is going to be working on the display board also. We hope with all of our hearts to be done with all of the work today. James is going to be coming to the center at 1pm to help us finish the laser cutting of the arcade.

A little later in the day we got the screen to show our raspberry pi and got the connection to the adapter soldered and heat shrunk. Now Xavier is working on compiling all of the games into one file to load them ontot the raspberry pi.  

Xavier has gotten most of the games to work on the scratch program to work all the way. Adeola has printed all the things that are going to be on the display board and Sonia is going to be putting it together.