RC Car with Racing Wheel Upgrade

Project created by Samariah Jacobs (with the help of Ming).

The Problem:
There actually no real problem to this but I want to enhance the experience of RC racing. Instead of the traditional remote control of a RC car, I want to replace that with a steering wheel use in video games. 

The Potential:
This project could be another root of entertainment. Instead of drag racers risking the lives on the streets racing, they can do there racing on a smaller scale and will not risk their lives over some prize money to win the race. Other uses could be a reality-based simulation for first-time drivers, spying, or just having fun with a new toy.

The Project
This page will show my attempt to hack a radio control toy car to be control by a radio controlled steering wheel. As the only person working on this project time will be my enemy. My goal I have at least have the RC car to able to do turns when steering wheel is turned.


My Research:

There was very few people on Youtube who did successfully make this project possible but fail to give instruction on how they it. Here is some links:

To get more videos just type “rc car with steering wheel” in Google and go click on Videos.

There is also some instructables to how to do parts of the project.

Keywords For Research:

fpv rc racing, remote control, raspberry pi wireless,


The Pros :                                                 

  • Reduce the amount of car accidents due car accidents
  • Another form of entertainment
  • Easier to driver than the traditional controls of up, down, left, right.

The Cons

  • Takes up more space
  • Will have glitches 

 The Materials:

1 radio-controlled car- I found one at my local thrift shop for $5

1 USB-based gaming steering wheel with pedals- I was lucky to find one in another thrift shop for $7

1 Raspberry Pi- Buy this through the company website for $45(including shipping); can be purchase cheaper on amazon or ebay. Tutorials to work it can be found on the official site: http://www.raspberrypi.org/ and http://learn.adafruit.com/category/learn-raspberry-pi.


1 Aruidno Uno with Modkit- This is was to see how the motors response to Aruidno because then I know the car can response to Raspberry Pi.

Scratch- this is not need if already know how to program with Raspberry Pi, but because of my limited skills and lack of interest in programming I use this as an alterative. This can be download at http://scratch.mit.edu/.

*This project is in working progress; I will post the other materials I use as I go along. 

First drafts of drawings of how I want the project to work.



My Progress (in pictures) 
Go to https://plus.google.com/u/0/111512257998544515670/posts/p/pub


7/15/13 I am currently using ModKit as a prototype to see how the RC car works when its on. I am now ordering a Raspberry Pi  so it can be the replacement brain of the RC car. 

7/16/13 I am still prototyping and modifying the car so it can work more smoothly. I am learning the basics of starting up the Raspberry Pi with Windows.  

7/17/13 I am now starting to use Raspberry Pi and run of Scratch on it. I went to   http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-raspberry-pi-lesson-9-controlling-a-dc-motor  to learn how to hook up the back motor on to the Raspberry Pi. I also installed a special Scratch tool with the help by Ming so I can use enable remote sensors on Scratch to work with Raspberry Pi. There vey helpful step-by-step instructions to how to install and use this program at  http://cymplecy.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/scratch-gpio-version-2-introduction-for-beginners/.

7/18/13 Me and Ming have decided that we will abandon the Raspberry Pi with Scratch idea and instead use Ardiuno because the Raspberry Pi takes to long to boot and then we have to figure out how to connect Scratch to a steering wheel which will take even longer. For the big project review we have to day I will show the car hooked up to Modkit as a demonstration piece. 

7/24/13 Goal for today: 1) Hook up two motors using a H-bridge.2) Learn to read potentiometer using Arduino. 3)*How to connect Bluetooth to Arduino*. 4) *Hacking an optical encoder*.   



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