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Team Members: Cedric, Zenito

The Problem: Do you have a book in the shelf thats collecting dust? Do you wish your bookmark would could be more interactive? Maybe your child’s not reading like they should be reading? Or you may just want something that keeps track of the progress you made in the book and makes you feel accomplished for taking initiative. 

Our Solution:  A few readers would like their bookmarks are interactive by having their bookmarks track how long they read for. This will also solve the problem of children not wanting to read their books. They would need to scan their bookmarks which would keep track of how long they are reading for. If they don’t use the application, then they cannot lie to their parents about not reading. If they haven’t read in 24 hours then the application will send an email to the parent about the child not reading their books. In other words, It’s your book’s 2nd best friend, it reminds you to keep track of how long you read and shows you the progress you made over time, that way you can avoid putting your book away in a shelf and leaving it there to collect dust.v hfcyrdjda

What are we building?

APPLICATION: This Application will be used as a QR CODE SCANNER, a LOG for the previous books you read, and a TIMER to keep track of how long you read.
BOOKMARKS: The BOOKMARK will be used as a holder of the QR CODE, the QR CODE will be the trigger for the Iphone that will start a timer on the APPLICATION

Who will use the Project?

CHILDREN: Children can use this by scanning in the barcode with their parent’s iphone or smart device. 
Collegiate Students: Students can use this bookmark to keep track of what they are reading and how long for. It will help them plan out their schedules to make room for not only academics but family members and leisure time as well.
Commuters: Commuters who READ on the Train will enjoy to see the progress that they made for reading on the train. I was originally just a commuter Reader and I have finished about 4 books by just reading on the train.
Average Readers: Readers who want an easier way to track their reading without having to login to a webpage to update their pages manually. Averages reading will also find the good reads layout to be useful and comfortable.

Technology & Modules: Graphic Design – Will be used to design the bookmark, Coding – Will be used to program the app, FabLab – Will be used to shape the actual bookmark (CardStock)

Design Review: Bookmark needs curved smooth edges so that it appears more appealing and friendly. Size/dimensions of bookmark is 208px x 485px.


10 Questions about READINGSTATION that need answering

Q. What is a QR Code?
A. A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones.

Q. What are some of the libraries used to read QR codes?
A. Zerba Crossing/ ZBar

Q. iPhone or Android?
A. iPhone for now, we do not have any plans for the Android at the moment

Q. What material are we going to use for the bookmark?
A. Lamination, Card Stock Paper

Q. What is the size of the bookmark?
A. 208 pixels x 610 pixels

Q. What is the programming language we are using?
A. HTML, CSS, Javascript OR C++/ Xcode/ Java/Javascript (depending on which one reads code)

Q. Who is our primary audience?
A. Middle Class and Children

Q. How will it help people?
A. It well help people by keeping track of their reading so that they don’t over read so that they can stay on schedule.

Q. What mentors do we have to help us?
A. Phi & Beckett

Q. What Resources and materials are we going to use?
A. We will  using card stock paper for the bookmarks and college mentors for help with coding

Q. How do we create a QR code that tracks time?
A. A code will be made so that when you scan the QR code it will start a timer and when you scan it again it will stop the timer.

5 keywords to Google about ReadingStation that will get you information you need:

  • QR Code
  • ZXing
  • ZBar Barcode Reader 
  • iPhone
  • HTML5 & CSS with Javacript
  • Apple and Android API



– An easy to find qr code located on the top of the bookmark
– An application that can help you see your book reading progress visually|
– A friendly reminder sent to let you know that your child is not reading

– Requires Internet to use the application
– The Bookmark can crease if not handled correctly
– The Bookmark can be lost if not handled correctly

3 examples of products that READINGSTATION can take inspiration from 

What is the DIY Project

What parts can we use (Steps)

Link to DIY

  • QR Code 
  • Timestation
  • Red Laser
  •  QR Code translator
  •  Model for GUI layout
  •  Model for scanner

3 Internet sites with technical information


Site Name




Adafruit Learning Sytem

SparkFun Electronics


Javascript QR READERS


C++ Barcode Readers







( User ) 

(Pass) Xcoder6


Prototype view 1



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