ReadingStation; Time-recording bookmark


Day 1
I had trouble finding a group who were willing to work with my idea, It seemed like my plan was perfect and could be possible with 4 languages: PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, and CSS. I wanted to find some people who were interested with at least 1 of the four codes, so we could plan together who to incorporate them into one project. However, Most of the students were not interested in investing their time on learning a new language which is understandable.

The team members are the following: Cedric, Zenito, Evan

Day 2
The plan is still a large programming project, It was approved by the College Mentors and Susan and Research began on who will be doing what in the project and how we will achieve our goals for the day.

Day 3
I notice that we have 2 people with jobs in our group, but one left over.

Evan- ???

We didn’t know what to give Evan for a role, and he did not have much experience since he was still a first year L2TT2L Youth Teacher. Instead, with the assistance of Beckett, we were able to figure out that Evan wanted to work on a more physical project than a software heavy one. So he is now working on a different project while Me and Zenito continue to discuss planing the Project out. 

Zenito researched what material would be needed to print out the material and how we would get said material (Cardstock). 

Cedric researched what programming langauages he should use before investing time on learning a language that he may or may not use. He stumbled on the $99 Developer’s account for apple which moved the interest from a native application to a Web application, Which would require HTML5, CSS, for website functions and design.
Javascript: for the QR Reader
PHP: to host the server so people can login and see their library.

Day 4
Cedric begins to learn HTML while also researching other ways to learn code for the programming, however he begins to notice that learning 5 languages alone for a simple *time in* and *time off*. So he begins to research on the process on Software Product Management, which lead to the discussion of Test case I/O and Wire-framming (with the help of callon). He then wanted to include a few other ideas like the idea of logging and off, and the use of a slot on the bookmark to change between diffrent books. However these add ons to the projects were moved off to the Future Potential section located on Page 2.

Zenito Primary works the Icon and the website. He discovers the name READING STATION and the project will have this name until the final product is released. He also works on concept designs of the app itself.

Day 5
A new system of the journal entries will be implemented now.

Goal of the Day: Cedric: To completely understand what programming languages will be used in the actual software itself. Zenito: To create the icons of the application

Did We reach the goal? w/wn

Cedric: Yes, The programming languages we will be using is

Redlaser : 3rd party QR Code reader that scan the QR code which will lead to a google forms link
Google Forms: Input User’s Book Name and pages read to keep information on what book was read
PHP: to extract the information from the google forms and store it in the database that will be on the website, It would keep track of T1 and then wait for the second scan.
Google Forms: The same information will be available for input after the scan.
PHP: If the same book title is presented then record T2 and subtract T2 by T1 to find the amount of hours spent on the book
HTML: The website will show the amount hours spent on a certain book in a visual manner.

Zenito: Semi-Yes: the buttons were drawn out and placed exactly where they would appear on paper, however actual size and photoshop files of the icons have not been created.

Next Steps

Cedric: Completely Wire Frame the Application and the I/O modules and start the scratch application for the application  and write the Project proposal for the Project.

Zenito: Make the Photoshop files of the interfaces and find out a website that will present the Information 


Day 6:

Today’s goals: 

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