ReadingStation; Time-recording bookmark

Action Plan Template

Goal / Expected Outcome: List your “big” goal here


Action Steps




Potential Barriers


What task will be done?

Who will do it?

By when?

What do you need to complete this step? (People, money, tools, etc.)

What could get in the way of task completion? How will you overcome them?

What is the outcome of the task?


Workings backwards, identify all the things that need to be done to accomplish the goal or achieve the expected outcome. Then put each of those items in the Action Steps column and fill out the fields for that row. Make sure you break the goal into simple, specific action steps. Get more small business tips and resources at

Video Notes:

1. Set a deadline on the day and the month calendar from the things on the TDL
2. Break the project into small pieces, (first week by week, then day by day) when the day comes, plan out what you will do each hour and break the project into small manageable pieces that will make the project look more comfortable and less big and stressful  and place benchmarks on center events.
3. Do a little bit every day towards your goal: Don’t work hours and hours, just work at least 2 hours on a center event with 30 min intervals (25 mins of work, 5 mins of review)

Day 7:

Zenito has successfully created a visual bookmark design

Bookmark Visual, using the image

Day 8:

Zenito had printed the bookmark design yesterday on card stock, from a distance the bookmark looked fine but once you looked at it closely you could see the distortion. That was because the the DPI (dots per image) was set to 72, and for things such as bookmarks, magazines, etc so it had been changed to 300 DPI. On the computer a 300 DPI image would look exactly the same as 72 DPI on a computer so we will have to print to see the actual difference.

Materials needed:


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