Sue-Lee, Elias, Bryce 
Project Summary:The Trail Tracker is an alarm and timer that follows a line of tape to  designated location of your preference. It works as a regular alarm or timer and when it goes off it then follows a track of tape using a color sensor. It also might have a button that notifies the robot of your location and will instantly follows a strip of colored tape to go find said location. Our goal is for our project to benefit others with their daily lives.
  • Problem: Everyone could use something that could potentially increase their level of organization.
  • Solution:To create an alarm clock and timer that follows a designated location that will accommodate your needs

key words: alarm, tracker, color sensor, robot


Materials used

  • Infrared Sensors for sensing where the robot is
  • Moto Proto
  • Arduino Board for programing
  • Color Sensors for sensing objects
  • Switches to turn it on and off, and other functions
  • LCD to show text
  • Speakers to make noise
  • Clock/Time for the timer
  • Motor-Geared to take the clock move
  • Wheels
  • Gps adaptor to tell time
  • Clock parts
Room Sensors


  • Switches to tell the robot that the user is in the room
  • System to communicate with the robot
  • Xbee (Wireless Adaptor)
  • Arduino




  • RFID reader/program

Modules included:

  1. Modkit for programing
  2. FabLab to design the robot
  3. Gimp/Photoshop


  • Can find the user and alert them
  • Gets louder as it gets closer to the user
  • Follows the designated user
  • Cannot go up and down stairs
  • Furniture and corners can mess it up
  • May fail to track the tracker



What is it going to be made of? The project is going to be made out of acrylic

How is it moving around and going to find you? it will move around using motors, and find you using color sensors. The project is moving around using wheels and a motor. 

How is it going to traverse stairs? it wont, we are assuming you will buy multiple ones for different floors

What technologies is it going to use? stated previously

How is this going to help the community? perfectly cooked cookies and organize the general public.

What’s the difference between setting an alarm on your phone and this robot that follows you? if you forgot your phone in one room you will still be alarmed.

If you are sleeping and the alarm goes off, would it be able to wake you up?

Can you change the loudness?

Would the robot follow the wrong person?

Would you need to carry something for the robot to follow you?

How will it deal with animals?



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