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My Mission:

My mission is to uplift the youth and inspire them to pursue their dream futures and to be a leading example in the teenage community to show them that it is possible to use your self-determination and will to pursue their dreams.  It is never too young to start

The youth around me need uplifting because they are not being inspired by their own dreams and journey.  Many seem to only be inspired by media outside them.  A lot are getting caught up in peer pressure and other people’s influence on them.  They lack individualism.  
To them, I want to say:
 Learn who you are and what you can do while you are still young.  Don’t wait any longer to be inspired by what’s inside you.  anything but the media around them.  
I want to inspire and empower the youth around me by setting an example and developing my own successful business. 


Some designs of my pins will be centered around what the new trends are that are arising in the teenage community, this is what will make my pins different from the pins that other people have made. It is by a teenager for the teenagers, the general cost of my pins will be affordable most likely $10+ .

Sources: → a company that uses a laser cutter to create unique jewelry → to get more ideas of new trends

Rough draft sketches of what i want some of the pins/ jewelry to look like


A collage of some idea’s that i might want to distort and put on a pin or a necklace




Testing out our first prototype by posting pictures to Instagram, where people can share their opinions on our idea. This is just a way to get the word out to the people. We received positive feedback and suggestions from the community. Such as; the prototype would be best as a key chain.




First official prototype for key chains (as requested) – worked on adding changes to make the design more unique and personalized 


Got in contact with Denise Gonsalves about the Love Campaign/ Multicultural Festival happening on August 10th, she told me that i will have my own vendor at this event that usually draws 500-1000 people. Today I also need to come up with 2 more designs that i will be selling at the event, thinking more in the earrings and pins category since i already have a decent prototype of what my key chains might look like. In Addition to that I need to look for finishes and waxes for my acrylic designs and my wood designs – will ask Phi for help with that. Also ask Denise about some of things that are usually sold at the LOVE event that is held annually by the DSNI youth, in addition to asking the youth what they would be interested in buying at the event.

My prototype of my earrings cut from cardboard, later tonight i will be posting the final on instagram.


Day 5 


The final prototype of my earring cut from wood.



Prototype of Fish skeleton necklace designed by myself. Soon to be assembled with acrylic finishing. 

Day 6

After several tries a finished prototype of my fish design made out of acrylic to be shown at the design review tomorrow.



Another design for what my next necklace might look like, still trying to figure out what chain i should use and where to buy it.


already came up with what my triangle design might look like


             Soon to get in contact with the organizers of the mattapan farmers market, to set up a venue for the events to come ..   

Final of what my necklace needs to look like after cutting out and getting my jump rings etc. 



picture soon to be posted on social networking websites to get public interest sparked


Received email from Vivian Morris the chair person of the Mattapan farmers market coalition, she’s very excited about my designs and has spread the word to other people who are part of organizing the goods sold at the market. Soon to get more details on what day works best for her to meet up and talk about selling opportunities.


  • perfect my chain prototype

  • think about creation of a pin 

  • ask susan about buying a chain to attach 


 Earrings that I created from the chain that i made 




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