Fab Key Finder – Imagining

What is the problem are you solving or what issuers are you addressing?

Find lost keys in the home.

What will you build?

Mapping system thats magnetic that can stick anywhere

Who will use it?


How will it help?

Helps people locate their keys by flashing and making noise.

What are the 3 most important things it will do?

Makes noise, flashing lights, track lost items

What are its most important parts of the features?

Lights, sound.

What are the three technologies you imagine needing & how will you use each?

LED –> we will use the LED to light up and flash when the item is lost somewhere.

Arduino –> we will use this to program the GPS to locate the lost item

Scratch –> to program the sound.

Rough Sketch Of Project You Imagine :


Storyboard about users & how they will use? 

Adult –> for home purposes

Business owner –> Business purposes

Children –> home purposes





The iBed 3.0 vibrates to wake up Henry.

Henry gets ready for work, he needs his keys!

Henry uses key finder to locate his keys on the table in the kitchen.

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