Prototype: Wolf moving from one side to another using a mechanism. Eventually the house is going to be flying away as well.
Next Steps:
Resize everything so that it fits in the frame
There will be a sensor that when blown on will trigger the mechanism and make the house lift up with the story. – Interactive
All the elements of the structure will be drawn
You could try and make the parts out of actual materials which will be used to display the parts of the house.
When the wolf is supposed to blow, on the third one there could be some kind of light that would turn on whenever the wolf blew representing the wind going.
It could be kind of hard to put it in hospitals in thinking that people are going to be blowing continuously on it
If you were to do more than one story, than you may want to try and do another story which was not specifically a European story.
You as going may want to have one way of showing that the scene has changed to different things. 
You could use a temperature sensor so that if it goes over a certain temperature you know that it is being touched by a person
Connect the message of your design to things around you. Aphorism?
Let the students make their own designs for their own stories while they are there in the hospital. – customization 
Make it a bigger picture and have it panning around the screen as a window into it
The background could be on a wheel to make it like a panorama.
Make it more like a screenplay
You could make it so the porridge is different temperatures and when they touch the right one than they move on
They could also have different color LEDs that represent the different colors of porridge. 

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