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10 questions about Picture Perfect Story that needs answering
1. How will it move?
It will move by gears and a hobby motor.

2. What will the frame be made out of?
The frame will be made out of wood.

3. How big will the frame be?

4. How big will the picture be?

5.What is the purpose of this project?
The purpose of this project is to entertain kids, bring boring walls to life, make a simple, basic picture frame more interactive and fun.

6.How will we make the characters and background?
The characters and background will be drawn, the characters will have a sturdy back to it (maybe cardboard or wood).

7.What will the gears be made out of?
The gears will be out of wood.

8.How will the kids interact with PPS?
There will be censors and maybe buttons as well for the kids to use to interact with the PPS.

9.What kind of sensors will there be?
We are trying to get a motion sensor and a “wind” sensor (a mic)

10. How will the sensors work?
Depending on the sensors we are using, we are trying to use sensors that enables people to blow into (a mic).

5 keywords to google about PPS

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Wind Sensor

  • Servo Motor


3 examples of products that have parts like PPS

This example has the wind sensor that we plan to use. This product is a lamp that changes colors and lights up depending on the rate of which someone breathes.


Find at least 3 DIY projects that the PPS can “steal” from?
For each:
What is the DIY product?
What parts of it can you use in your project?
Link to DIY project

  • how to make a picture frame –


Technical Information

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Servo Motors

  • Sensors




Pros: Makes walls more interesting to look at.
Helps kids follow directions by adding interaction directions.
Potential to help kids who can’t read happy.

Cons: Might be difficult for interaction with handicapable people or kids like the blind.
Only one scene per frame.
Might be too thick and might poke far out from the wall.



Name: Picture Perfect Story

Features: Story-telling, Motion, Imagination

Purpose: Tells a story, Makes kids happy, Makes rooms lively



Group Members:
Thu Simon Naeem Jamison

 What problem are you solving or what issue are you addressing?
Boring walls in hospitals, preschools/ elementary schools, and homes. 

What will you build?
Multiple frames with pictures moving to tell a kids’ story

 Who will use it?

How will it help?
Entertain the kids, cheer the kids up, help the kids learn

 What are the 3 most important things it will do?
Tell a story, entertain the kids, motion in the picture.

 What are its most important parts or features?
Storytelling, motion, imagination/learning

 What are the three technologies you imagine needing and how iwll you use each>
Raspberry Pis/ Arduinos
Servo Motors -> acts as CAM
Laser cutter



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