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10 questions about Verdiden that need answering

  • Does it work?
  • What is it?
  • What is a vertical garden?
  • How does it work?
  • What’s in the Verdiden?
  • What kind of technology are incorporated in it?
  • Where is it going to be?
  • How does it look?
  • What if it rains?
  • When does it dispense water?
  • What makes it dispense water?

5 keywords to google about Verdiden

  • Self-watering System
  • Gardening
  • Planting
  • Vertical
  • Garden Projects
  • Sensors

3 examples of products that have parts like Verdiden

  • Aqua Globe – The Aqua Glove is a self-watering plant tool, you stick it in the existing pot and fill it with water, it will water them as they need it.
  • Commercial Sprinkler Systems – They are programmed to come out of the ground at a certain time so you do not need to water the grass.
  • Hydrospike® Dripper – It waters your plants by itself allowing you to change the amount of water it gives out.

Find at least 3 DIY projects that Verdiden can compare from
-What is the DIY project?
-What parts of it can you use in your project
-Link to DIY project

Find at least 3 Internet sites that have technical information Verdiden needs
   -What is the technical information you need?
   -What is the site name?
   -Link to site?

  • Best soil to use?
    Mulch can reduce the many hours spent weeding your garden or compost soil.

  • What kind of sensor can we use in the soil?
    Soil moisture sensors measure the water content in soil.

Identify 3 pros and cons for your project


  1. Having more time on your hands
  2. Beneficial to the environment
  3. Saves space


  1. Plant growing incorrectly
  2. Overflow of water
  3. Sturdiness



Group Members: Evan, Jackie, Judy, Sonnie

What is the problem are you solving or what issue are you addressing?

– This product saves space/ does not take up much space
– Time to do other activities
– Can do it on balcony

What will you build?

– Self-watering planters

Who will use it?
– Gardeners, (starter gardeners, retires – people who need assistance)

How will it help?
– Save space for more planting
– Allow them to have more time to do other things
– Help them not water too much or little

What are the 3 most important things it will do?
– Self-water
– Save time
– Water the “right” amount

What are its most important parts or features?

– Self-watering

What are the three technologies you imagine needing & how will you use each?
– Soil Soaker -> The soil soaker is essentially the hose that would be giving off the water to the plants. The soil soaker is not just any plain, old, hose, but a hose with holes throughout the whole entire tubing. You can think of the soil soaker as a sponge.
– Water pump -> The water pump has two ends to it, one end sucks in the water and the other end lets the water out. This will be connected to the hose which would release the water.
– Moisture sensor ->  The moisture sensor senses if there is enough or too much water in the soil, which would then alarm the water pump and turn it on.

Rough sketch of project you imagine

photo 5(1) photo 1

                           Storyboard about users & how they will use it


photo 1(1)

                         Day one                                                                                                    Day two

Suzie wakes up and gets ready for her day.                                                                           Suzie wakes up and gets ready for her day.                                                                           


She gets out of her bed and brushes her teeth.                                                                    She gets out of her bed and brushes her teeth.

She changes her clothes and leaves to catch the bus.                                                          She eats breakfast and then changes her clothes.

As she walks to her bus stop,  she sees the bus                                                                    After this she walks out the door with plenty of time to spare. 

driving away and freaks out.                               


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