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The Goodnight is a program that’s interactive. It’s going to be made to educate kids age 10-18 while having fun. It will teach them the importance of sleep and how they are suppose to get a lot of sleep throughout the night. This program will have an interactive part in which children will be able to play with the sprites on it. This will be made of wood or acrylic and conductive paint for the children to interact with.  

  1. Educate-on importance of sleep
  2. Expose-new tech use
  3.  Engaged- through a cool fun game.

Target Audience:



People suffering from insomnia


Explanation of the issue that is being solved

Lack of sleep in preteens, teens, and the suffering insomniac community.

What does it do:

  • Educate- on importance of sleep
  • Expose- new tech use
  • Engage- through a cool fun game

 Construction of work and the controller / fablab:

In the fablab we will be constructing a controller out of wood, using the Makey Makey invention kit, along with scratch to create an interactive scratch animation game. The conductive paint acts as a wire that triggers sound and turns on. The materials, which is connected into a sensor etch. This is a controller that is made out of woods the risen grooves are going to be painted with electrical pant. This paint will be connected to a alligator clip that will be connected to the computer which will act as a interactive controller.


  • wood sheet 
  • acrylic
  • alligator clips/ wires 
  • cold solder paint 
  • Makey – Makey 
  • paint 





 Conductive’s Electric Paint is great for repairing and designing electronics. Electric Paint can be used as both a liquid wire and a conductive glue. This pen allows you to draw circuits and attach small components to your projects.

Judges comments:

You are going to want to use Makey Makey with the design vs Touchboard

Why are you making a custom joystick that looks just like a joystick? Perhaps you could make it look more like some kind of toy or doll.

How can you use technology to fight those things that cause sleep disturbances in people?

Is this a larger problem perhaps then just in the target group?

Parents may know well the types of things that keep kids up at night.

Model of the game/ how to play:

scratch pic

In the game the player can decide whether or not to ignore distractions. The distractions can be negative or positive the player has to decide which is which. If the player manages to complete 115 seconds of a minimum of two negative distractions then they win the game. If the player does over two negative distractions within the time limit they will be disqualified.





The symbols represents the distractions in the game, which were cut using acrylic and pressed fit into the wood. The darkened areas of wood are etched using the laser cutter. This board will be put together using the cold solder paint and connected to a Makey Makey and our scratch program. These symbols are an apple, to represent the bowl of fruit in the game, the bowl of cheese puffs to represent the one in the game, the plus sign, for the homework, and the phone to represent the cellphone.   


  • Computer programing (Scratch)
  • Physical programing (Conductive Paint)
  • Digital Design (Inkscape & Scratch)
  • Fabrication (Fab Lab)