Kinetic stairs



Date: 07/12/2015

Kinetic Stairs



Group members: Mailot,Lwam, Billy


Project Goal:
Our project will help  people with disabilities so that they can have an comfortable life just like everyone else. We chose to work and research on this project because we want people with disabilities to be proud of who they are and be able to participate in any public activities without having a hard time to travel everywhere. We are working hard in given time to make our project better and more helpful. 
At first, our problem was following ADA guidelines. Then as we gradually went along, we faced some issues with our design and the piston only in the center did not provide a lot of support. Some issues were finding good materials, finding right angles for stairs, and the size of the prototype/ actual model.

what the three technologies that we are  using to get done our project?

*Fabrication: laser cutter( we will print out the design of the ramps and the stairs)
*Physical programming: Arduino(we will be coding @ code-bender 
*Graphic Design: such as measuring and designing angles,
 wide, and length for the ramps and steps.

Typical user/audience:
*People with disabilities
*Individuals who have a tough time climbing steps
*Individuals who cannot access things do to steep steps



Date: 07/14/2015

Materials List:
*Servo Motors
*adafruit 16 channel 12-bit pwm/servo driver-12c inter face- pca9685
*weldon number 3 very fast set solvent cement for acrylics     

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How are we getting closer to our goals?
The feedback was that the ramp didn’t meet ADA specifications. To meet the ADA standard, we would need a 10 foot ramp to go up a 6 inch incline (which is about a 6 degree slope). We decided to keep the incline of the ramp at 25 degrees which makes more sense for having steps.

date: 07/15/15
 Due to technical difficulties ( a flood) we will first work on programming a button using Arduino for the servo and fabricate a couple more bits and pieces to see how the mechanism of our ramp plays out.

What are the three important things our project will do?

  • Our final design is going to change  a ramp into stairs.
  • Our design will benefit people with disabilities   
  • Our design will revolutionize loco – motion for people who have difficulty going up
  • 20150715_125845

Our first test…….

Things that still we need to answer :
*What materials should we use to make our project more helpful?

*How big/size is our final project going to be?
*What are some supporters that we can use to the steps? 
*How should we make the hinges ?
*How much time do you think the project will take?

Google Words
Some keywords to google:
*ADA restriction

Today we will start by updating the wiki. Then later today we will complete the materials list while also press fitting a wooden dowel/ servo motor in a press fit made out of wood (for now). Also, we will be researching prices of materials.

Three technical internet info…arduino…/servo-motor-control…


How to connect servo motor with Arduino?


As of today, we will first start by documenting all of our written documents such as the wiki, the google doc and our logo! Then later today, we will present our project to the tech center and receive some helpful feedback. While also, fabricating parts for our final design.

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    Today we will start by finishing up some staffs from yesterday and make some plans so that we can get a way to really show improvement in our project in the 16 days left. We have a design fabrication  that needs to be done for today in the Fab Lab. Also we will be doing some researches a better way to see the steps move and their angles with the ramp. Lets go!


Sizes and angles of our project

 Pieces Width/ inch Length/inch Angle/degrees
 ramp 8.5  21

___ __________

  steps(3) 8.5  7 _______  ___
 Dowel 0.18 0.18 _________ _____
 Servo _________ _____  _____ _ .21
 Pres fit arch _____ ______  _______ ____  65



 Designing our project in the Fab Lab


Date: 07/22/2015
For today we are gonna have some practice for a teaching session and bulid project afternoon as well as possible. We already got most of our materials(sort of like our servo motors). So we ‘re gonna check them if they work as we need them to work. We also have to change our design a little bit  and add some ideas  into our steps so that our project will be strong enough.
Issues :
Our three new servo motors are not working!

Date: 07/23/15
Today we are gonna do some researches to get our servo motors work. One thing  we need to know is that what each colors in the servo motor mean so that we can know which one is  positive, negative and which one is a signal. Also we will get the dowels and start fabricating our 3rd Rapid prototyping.

Our achievement:
Because our servo motors were not working, we spent our day fixing them. We checked the colors role and we got done some researches. After a while, we were succeed and  able to see our servos spin.



happy face


Date: 07/282015
Today we are gonna get our dowels so that we could start measuring them before we start fabricating our last second week project.



Date: 07/29/2015
Today we need to figure out a way  to run three servo motors in one Arduino @ a same time and angle. We already know how to use Arduino for more than one servo motors. The only thing that we need to get done is the coding(programing) part.So for today we will start by making sure our program(code) for one servo motor.   

65 degreesprotracterprotracter



Date: 7/30/201
In the Fab Lab, we are gonna fix our design a little bit and the size of it.We will also print them out if we get the laser cutter available for us to use it.Also today we are gonna make a plan for our next day of working our project.


Date: 08/03/2015
Today we are gonna update the wiki page and edit some stuffs.Also we will be doing some researches to know the power of voltage that the three servos will use to spin 65 degrees back and forth.


Date: 08/04/2015
Today we will add some coding and run our code into Arduino. Also today we are gonna solder our button.


Date: 08/05/2015  
We have noticed that our  press fit for the servos is not connecting perfectly so we will make another press fit that has same hole wide  with the servo. 
we were not able to fabricate the press fit because  there was a teaching program in the Fab Lab. 


Date: 08/06/2015
We made some design changes on the ramp to make it hold the steps and turn them back and forth at 65 degrees. so today we are gonna print out our last ramp prototype. 


kinetic-stairs-designing-1024x768unnamed[1]                                                                                   Ramp    

Date: 08/10/2015
We have finished our coding for just one servo.  Today we have to finish coding(programing) for three of them. Also we will be soldering  wires to make strong connection of the circuit. We are not using a brad board any more because we got our servos spinning  better with Arduino.


Codebender      kinetic stairs




Today we are gonna make the top part of our stairs that turns back and forth @ 65 degrees. we only have three day left to the expo… date so we are gonna get a lot work done for today.



Date: 08/12/2015
We have been working on our project  using  different type of technologies ( computer programing @ code bender, fabrication, and Graphic design. So today it is a time to bring all of our technologies and put them together. We are gonna make sure if all work well so that we can get done step by step.   



Date: 08/13/2015

Today we are gonna improve our projects design while also putting all technologies together. We will create a box that holds our servo motors and that supports  from falling.

Date: 08/14/2015 (last day)
To day we are gonna fabricate our final project design. 
We will make sure  we got everything done while also writing a poster that  identifies our project. We will try our best to make or project  impressive by panting, adding  some decorations and skills.



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