GMH Industries




  SMH GaMing         


Gabe, Manny, Hung

Project Objective  

          Our goal is to create a car that will help mimic the purpose of Scratch. The way that Scratch is to computer programming we want to create a crutch version of physical programming so that kids can be exposed to both line code and physical programming at a young age. Through, the car we would make the learning process more enjoyable 





Today the college mentor known as Somtoo helped us begin the process of breaking down our overall project and having us think about the schematics that would make our project better. So far we have made a rapid prototype that allowed us to see the basis that we were working with. We were able to make a brief sketch of what we would want to the chassis of our project to look like. We are in the process of figuring out how exactly we want the front two wheels to turn considering that we have already determined that the back two wheels are 



Goals: Yesterday we met with the college mentors and they gave us a couple revisions on our project idea. They asked us more in depth questions that would further our project and it’s significance to the community. Our next goal is to explore HTML in order to create a webpage that allows us to use it as an interface with the car. Before we started using HTML we laid out the template so we can see what it will look like. Next, we began to use HTML to design a background for the webpage.

Problems encountered: Making the webpage using HTML.



After a weekend of reflection, GMH industries returned on Monday with a clear head. Thanks to Involt, we were able to make our HTML page aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Involt is a project online that allows communication between Arduino and HTML, and its easy-to-use interface makes it an invaluable tool for our group. 

Goals: At the moment, our webpage and our Involt project are separated. The next step is to integrate Involt into our entire project. We also have to get started on the frame of the car. Although the software has been working nicely, the physical, mechanical parts of our project are yet to be built. 

Notes from Sensei Ming

Things to take into consideration:

User Interface.

Practical vs Technical.



Today, GMH Industries faced the intimidating review panel of Ming, Ed, Amon, Michelle, and Jaiying. With bags under our eyes from a sleepless night of anxiety (and group chatting), we presented our ideas. As we explained our goals, our design, and our interface, we persuaded the judges that our project was not only relevant but necessary.  Approval, however, is always accompanied by criticism. Manny brought in a used R.C. car, and we took it apart and took the motors for our prototype. 

These are the most important suggestions our judges gave us:

Implement motivational features (i.e. stickers, badges, challenges)

Make the car gender-neutral

Clarify the concept of “levels” (smoother transition)

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Goals: Today we are figuring how to used the photon and a way to power up the motors. Manny continued making the web interface that we would use to control the vehicle. Hung will attempt to design the exterior of the car. 

Problems: Figuring out how to connect the photon to work the motors.


Goals: For today, we have Manny continue working on the website by using HTML, and we have Gabe working on the photon. So far so good, and we have Hung working on the design of the Wiki and the car.

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Taking apart a used car and utilized it for parts.


Goals: We have successfully linked the Photon onto the website, and it works perfectly. Our next goal is to hook the motors onto the Photon in order to test if the voltage emitted from the photon is enough to make both motors spin if not then a transistor with another battery will be attached to power the car and get ready to attach it to the car.

Throughout the day we successfully made the mechanics of the car work. We were able to test batteries. We incorporated Gabe’s code and Manny’s code together. Manny continued to develop the pages for the html code.



Goals: Yesterday we left off almost blowing off our  faces with the ultra strong batteries that Ming loaned us. Today Hung’s goal is to prototype the chassis for the car so once Gabe and Manny finish their coding a physical structure is ready to either be used of improved. Manny’s goal for the day is to finish the layout for all of his web pages. Gabe’s goal for the master color theory and also to see if he can move from the proof of concept and to start incorporating the actual motors. After the weekend, Gabe and Hung began to look at the H-Bridge and play with it together, because both youth teachers had no idea what it is. 

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Some of the issues we ran into was understanding the use of the H-Bridge, but then we finally figured out it was for the motors. Another problem  Hung ran into was laser cutting the chassis and getting the precise dimension for the car.



Goals: Once again, we’re back and we’re better… Once again Manny is still working on the web page. Gabe and Hung will continue looking at the H-bridge, and figuring out how it works when connecting to the motors. One of our motors stopped working and when we attempted to switch one out we realized that both motors ran at different speeds so we were forced to switch them both out. After that we realized that the gears were significantly smaller so we had to use a clamp to take them off. 

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It is our penultimate week in this roller coaster called Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn. With the weight of the world upon him, Hung is racing to design a chassis that will fit our needs. The biggest challenge Hung is facing is the balance of form and function. We need a lightweight frame that the motors can carry, but we also need a frame that is big enough to fit all the components of our project (batteries, Particle Photon, breadboard).

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