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Haseeb, Tahjae, Keith, Kyle  



Rapid Prototype


Front of S,W.O.D prototype – the digital LED moving sign one would see on the T for weather forecasting.

It has a stand to keep it upright on flat surfaces.

Golden nails representing Motion sensor. it was an add on so that when a person walks by it, it would be able to turn on, then turn off when there was no one there after a good 5 minutes to save power.

There was a frame to protect it if it falls so that it won’t break.

The LED lights was not very descriptive but it was to represent where the lights were going across from which is the middle. Telling the weather, temperature, day and time. 


The project is supposed to help a person know the weather ASAP. As soon as you wake up the transit will turn on and show how it is outside so you can be prepared faster for the weather.

This will help people get ready faster and prepare for work and act easier.

It can be on your wall in front of your bed to see or next to you if you want it to be.

Storyboard 1Storyboard 3Storyboard 2WordsRough SketchIdeas

Have a motion sensor to detect when there are people in front, so that it can save power by turning itself off when there’s no one watching. 

Having a stand to keep it propped up on flat surfaces.

Have a vinyl sticker applied on the back as decoration.

Overall To-Do List

  • Finish the project

To-Do List



  • Find a LED Matrix for the real project. 
  • Learn how to program a LED Matrix. [ 3/4 ]
  • Plan for the design review.


  • Talk about what we missed out on the project
  • How can we use the feedback
  • Look for the right LED Matrix to purchase


Today we presented our project. The most important topic we talk about in the project was the coding and sources we use. One A.P.I was a weather app to use for our photon. A photon is a tiny Wi-Fi development kit for creating connected projects and products for the Internet of Things. It’s easy to use, it’s powerful, and it’s connected to the cloud. This is one of our sources we would use in order to code and connect to the weather program on time and be right for each day. The second part was the topic about the basic idea and concepts on how it can relate to the communities and subject to help. This project would help other because of many reasons.First is some people forget to charge there phones because they forget since they been on it all night. So they cant check there phone in the morning. Sometimes people maybe tired or miss the news cause they came in late. so they can check the weather in the morning this is when our project comes in (SWOD). This will help in the morning as soon as possible. It will tell you the weather as soon as you wake up. Just get out of bed no phone no t.v needed. Just look at the (SWOD) on your wall and things will be fine. So it would help for another 2 things. One reason is to keep your phone charged. Leading you to have high battery. Second is leaving t.v off helping to save electric bill or electricity in general. 

Feedback From Judges

The judges gave good advice to our project. They said it is good to give metaphors like “This is similar to the display on the bus”. Another thing they said we should improve on is mention how it connect earlier than Q and A. Consider the design aspects such as  beauty. Describe A.P.I with what it stand for and what it means. But overall they said we did good.

What we missed out on

Three things for project that we missed. One was the size of board and frame. 


July 13: Joint Gmail account is up.

Today we have set up the Neo pixel ring that has led matrix set in it. Keith went to go solder the bottom of the Neo particle  to keep together. after we had difficulties trying to set up the particle photon that took a hour and a half for no reason. just because we didn’t put the chip in the right way we have screwed up. But we end up having a great time fixing the problem in 2 seconds and then we finally double our time with work from our crazy mistake. Next we went on a website called particle building. 



  • Re-Wire
  • Test 
  • Programming

What we accomplished

The LED matrix was wired up and it was connected to the particle photon. We successfully ran test code on the matrix and saw some displays. We experimented with the test code in order to understand how the code and the matrix worked. 



  • Integrate API, programing API “Reading”
  • Make a better, non-burnt smell in case.  
  • Make more icons for display


today we are working on our project 

were fixing our API to a Boston location because it was set to san diego.

After make a case and that would be it for the day.  


 Making the case.

 Make sure the code works.

Improve team cohesiveness.

Streamline design.


last settings to our project

fix wiring

make final case

finish code