Yoselyn Henriquez, Junie Arcene, Christian Pizarro, Cristofer  Percel


Children  Tracking Accessories


               The problem we are trying to solve is children getting lost or being in any danger and for there parents to be more aware of their children and for them to be able to track their child around the park.


        The solution we have is making different types accessories that has a tracking gps on it, and allows the parent to know where their child is and if they crossed the imaginary fence they made.


The different types of  technology we are going to use are:

  • Digital Fabrication
  • 3D Printing 
  • Computer Programming-Coding the circuit, arduino

Physical Programming – Adafruit metro mini 328, Adafruit Fona808


Our target  audience are people with children that want a better way of keeping track of them 


  • Acrylic 
  • Adafruit Metro Mini 328
  • Adafruit FONA808
  • Battery for FONA808
  • GSM Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Wires
  • LED
  • Buzzer

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 Concept & Design

Pro and Con

Daily Log


Goals: Today’s goals was to finalize a list of materials, update the wikipage, and doing a diagram. What we actually got done today: updated our wikipage and write down our list of materials.


We worked on testing our micro controller, the adafruit FONA 808. Junie went to T-Mobile to get a sim card for the micro controller. Junie also  worked on the testing for the FONA 808.


Junie continued to work on programming the FONA 808. We found out that the original micro controller that we wanted to use (the adafruit pro trinket) was not the right fit for our project. So we started using a similar one, the adafruit metro mini 328. At home, Junie got the FONA 808 working for the first time. 


Our college mentor, Kevin, came over to Archdale to help with the FONA 808. Junie and Kevin worked on fixing the code that we found on the online tutorial. 


Today we worked on the FONA 808 and our 3D print designs. Junie worked on the FONA 808 while Yoselyn worked on the 3D printing designs. Junie struggled with the tutorial code, but eventually figured it out. 


Today Yoselyn and Cristofer worked on 3D printing designs. They both made designs for the wristband portion of the project at Archdale.


Today Junie and Cristofer worked on the project. Junie continued to work on the FONA 808 while Cristofer worked on more 3D printing designs. 


Today Junie and Christian worked on  the coding for the final code for the FONA 808. The issues they came across were trying to find a way to get over the MQTT error. 

08/07/2017 ~ 08/14/2017

This week we worked on 3D printing at Archdale. We came across a couple of issues that had to do with the prints not sticking onto the bed. After many attempts, Donna found the idea of adding a brim, which is a thin boarder around the design to keep it from lifting.  After the first successful print, Yoselyn worked on making a new base for the wristband. 





08/15/2017 ~ 08/18/2017

Yoselyn continously redesigned the base for the wristband until all the pieces fit. The coding had been completed and working since 08/14, so all we need was the wristband itself. After a rough week of redesigning, we finally completed everything and just had to put all the pieces together.