Elite Squad



Group Name: Elite Squad

NAMES: Deedee, Danyelle, Paybo,Tyla

TITLE: Ah-Sleep


Many people in almost every country struggle with getting up on time either for an interview, being on time for their job, or just having to run their daily errands. So why not invest in Ah-Sleep pillow this pillow will lower the risk of you oversleeping for your busy day. As mentioned this is not your common pillow and not your everyday phone. With a typical pillow you usually leave it on your bed and don’t take it everywhere you go, but with Ah-sleep it’s a small portable pillow that you can take almost everywhere such as the train, bus, car, airplane etc. This is what makes our pillow so different from your ordinary pillow. On the other hand with the phone, you usually snooze your phone or just sleep through your alarm. With Ah-Sleep it’ll help this bad habit of yours.


  • Digital Design & Fabrication: We will be using Tinkercad to design a casing to hold our electronics inside of the pillow, which we will then 3D print with the semi-flexible filament. We will also be sewing together our pillow casing using water resistant material and fluff to stuff the pillow with.
  • Physical Programming: We will be using Arduino to program the Real Time Clock and the TFT Touch Shield so that you can control the alarm clock from the screen. 
  • Electronics: We will be using electronics to design our circuit and to power our components.  


We are designing a pillow for almost everyone who struggles with getting up on time and also for people who sleep through their alarms. But another benefit that this pillow helps with is sleeping disorders. Almost 40 million people within the United States struggle with chronic long sleep disorders. These sleep disorders include jet lag which is when a person travels quickly across multiple time zones. Another sleep disorder that is common is narcolepsy which is an excessive uncontrollable daytime sleepiness. With all these issues ah sleep is nice way to get you back on track so you don’t miss your important events. but with ah-sleep its comfortable way to go sleep when the drowsiness hits you and a good way to get up. This pillow is designed for generally anyone.


  • TFT LCD Shield W/ Touchscreen
  • Adafruit Music Maker 
  • Red Board
  • Breadfruit 











  • It helps you wake up which is more effective than phone cause r it doesn’t stop until you leave.
  • Water resistant materials such as liquids won’t make the pillow malfunction.
  • Some alarms don’t allow you to play music there often programmed with set ringtones.
  • Its also healthier than sleeping with your phone sleeping , with it causes electromagnetic radiation which causes tumor growths in high amounts. 


  • There is already a similar concept, so we would have to find a way to make our project stand out from a mattress sheet instead of using pillow inside.


07/11/17: Our goals for today are to build rapid prototype 
We built it using felt, construction paper, and tape 
Our goals for tomorrow is to start the proof of concept prototype 

07/12/17: Today we finished building our proof of concept prototype  



07/13/2017: Today we worked on research and found materials we might need for the project.Then we did research on how each material works and how we’re going to use it on our project.

07/14/2017: We made the proof of concept prototype. And we presented the issue were solving in our community, after that we got feedback to make our project better.

07/15/2017: Today we ordered the materials we need for our project. she sorted through the materials and thought about where the materials might need to go within our pillow.

07/16/2017:  we got the materials that we have ordered for our project. we drew our diagram and we visualized about how the pillow is going to look once we start fabricating. 

07/17/2017:  we started coding the LCD screen and managed to get a test drawing on it with different colors, and we also coded the on and off screen. 

07/18/2017:  Today we Researched what we need for our pillow to make noise and we try to find a code to help get the music within the SD card to play music. 

07/19/2017: We coded the Real time clock and tested it. We researched how to work 

   red board


Today we soldered the header to the MP3 shield. Now we are going to figure out how to use it and what coding we should use to connect it with the TFT LCD screen.

mp3 shield


7/25/17: Today we edited the wiki and uploaded the diagram to the wiki. We are no longer using the vibration motor or the conductive thread because it wasn’t going to work well with the alarm. Instead, we will be using the Flex Sensor to sense when the alarm should go off when the person has gotten back into bed.

7/26/17: Today we practiced on press fitting our box and laser cut a practice box that the real time clock, red board, and wires are going to be placed into. Also, we connected the real time clock to the TFT touch shield.


 Arduino Alarm Clock: https://www.adafruit.com/categories?q=arduino%20alarm%20clock&

Conductive Thread: https://www.adafruit.com/?q=conductive%20thread&