Meditation Mandela





Group Members: Jordan Carter, Yvon Pierre, and Kofi Baafi

Meditation Mandala


The problem we are trying to solve is stress, anger, and other breathing related issues. Some people need to see their breathing to reduce the effects of stress, anger, and breathing conditions.

The Meditation Mandala’s desired effect is to be able to represent someone’s breathing patterns to help reduce common breathing – related problems. This is done by measuring someone’s breath with a wind sensor, and representing the breathing patterns through an intricate LED visual. There are also added features to help soothe the user, such as calming music via headphones

The three technologies we will be using is fabrication, we’ll be using fabrication to fabricate our base and the outer shell of our device. We will also include physical programming and the way we will be incorporating physical programming is we are using an Arduino IDE to program the light to change colors depending on your breathing speed. The last technology we will be using is electronics, The way electronics will come to play is we will need to connect our power source to the lights, the wind sensor, and the music.

The target audience for the Meditation Mandela is anyone who meditates and/or need help relieving stress on a daily basis.


-HiFi stereo Bas 3.5mm gaming headset, headband with Mic

-LGB LED strip white 60 LED

-1 Wind Sensor (Rev C)

-3 12″x24″ wood

– Codec shield




MP3 Codec Shield Wiring



List the pros and cons of your project from your explore worksheet.




Today we started on our prototype, the Meditation Mandala. The goal of our final project is that we’ll have a wind sensor that will track your breathing, and the lights will be a representation of your breath and/or mood. In our demo we used a potentiometer to represent the wind sensor and the colors change slowly as you move the potentiometer. 



Today we started working on our wiki page, while Kofi started on making the wind sensor work with basic code. The wind sensor gives fairly high/weird MPH outputs but it did change as you blew into the sensor. The original output starts at 20 MPH and when you blow into it, the value changes to around 30 MPH and goes back down to 20 MPH when you stop blowing in. The next step will probably be to try and change the RGB LED color as you blow into the sensor using the values that it gives out scaled down to what the HSB function uses.




Today Yvon worked on a designing program called processing, he was working on a design for the front of the Meditation Mandala. He had to learn how to code the shapes to his desire. Jordan worked on the paper portion of drawing out the device, he wrote about what each part of the device is going to do. Kofi did a  bunch of research on what websites we could possibly use and put it on the wiki reference links page.






Today  Kofi began on trying to link the RGB LEDs to the wind sensor in a functional way. As you blow into the sensor the colors fade from blue to red with a few problems. The colors pass by red and continue on to yellow and green despite meant – to be boundaries in the program. Jordan worked on the program LibreOffice to make the outer shell of the device which is the box. we decided to do a pressfit box and that it was my job to be the one who designs. he spent some time trying get used to pressfit again. The first design he made was to big and so he had to start new design that was smaller. Yvon worked on making a few mandala designs using processing software and saved them in his dropbox for use in the future. After he started to draw a few designs  sketches on paper for future references.





 Today we worked on taking our project to a more complete level. We hooked up the mp3 player so that it works with both headphones and speakers via a regular headphone jack. We also began on hooking up the RGB LED strip to the wind sensor as we had it with the original  grove kit RGB LED. We did this by combining aspects of the original code with a new library that we found for the LED strip. We had to add transistors because of the way the wind sensor returns values. While Kofi worked on that, Yvon worked on making a prototype box with press fit using Libre Office. Jordan worked on the music aspect of the project. With the help of Marc, the groups project mentor, they found a way to play music on the arduino using the codec shield. 






Today we made a 10×10 prototype made out of cardboard. Our other prototypes we’re only small ones, 6×6. We found out that need to make a 10×10 device because the laser cuter wouldn’t be able to hold 12×12. There is still a lot that needs to be completed. We need to find out where we will place the Arduino and the MP3 device in the box, we need to make holders in the box to hold everything in place. as you can see in the picture we have the top of our device but we made it using Libre office. Susan then told us that we need to use open processor. we also need to create a power source or connect a switch to everything so it all can turn on and off.  We need to decide which material would be best for helping the light look its best.




Today the group started to figure out more about how we are going to put everything together. We decided on using foggy white acrylic as the face of the mandala because we liked the way the lights looked under that. Kofi started to record wind sensor data and put it on a piece of paper in an attempt to learn more about how the wind sensor works. He also tested out possibly using a sound sensor rather than the wind sensor for more reliable results. Yvon also improved on the box by putting holders for the Arduino and breadboard inside. He also made makeshift holders for the LEDs so we could even test out cover materials in the first place.




Today the group is working on making a functional prototype with various different contributions. We have to attach the wind sensor to some headphones as envisioned in the final product. To do this we have to fabricate a holder to put on the headphones, we also have to wire everything so that the functionality is still there. We also have to calibrate the wind sensor so we know exactly how the values are working. To do this we are putting a cup over the wind sensor so that it can have a wind reading of 0. After we get the wind sensor isolated, we can the calibrate it so we can use it in a more in depth way in the future.


The group has not been all together in a few days because we started the teaching phase of the program, which means on somedays most of the group members will be out teaching. somedays it will only Yvon in the house. Hopefully we will all be in the house to fully see the progress of the device. While Kofi and i have been teaching for two days straight Yvon made progress on the box. He made the final press fit box made out of wood, the only problem with box is that the press fit doesn’t fit in all the way so we are sanding the sides down so it can fit in easy.


The whole group is in for in for the morning, Yvon is working on making the press fit box fit. Yvon had originally made a press fit box but messed it up. The top of the box doesn’t fit. Kofi is finalizing the code. Whenever I can or have time I try to work on the Wiki. Ive been out teaching all the time. We have a week left until project expo. We’re trying make everyday we have in the house count.


today the whole group was in the house this morning. Kofi was finalizing the RGB LED strip and making it as optimized as possible by tinkering with the color values and hues. Yvon was starting to wire the LCD screen to the arduino red board. Marc wired the codec board with a bread board. Jordan began to solder the headphones so we can wire the wind sensor later. 


Today I am (Jordan) the only one in the house this morning, Yvon and Kofi are out teaching. So far are almost finished with modifying the headphones, we rearranged the wires and soldered them together. Today the box is starting to get put together, we have the MP3 in the box. later on we need to drill a hold on the side of the box for the headphones cord to go through. There is still a few more things that need to get done.


Today is the very last day of project building until project expo, so today is going to be a very hectic and busy day. We need to make sure that we freshen up the wiki we have all our materials ready to be finalized and placed in the Mandala box, we need to test the device out and make sure everything works perfectly